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For the last day of our group trip, we traveled to Brussels, Belgium. 

We didn't get to spend much time here but we were able to get a taste of the city! We started off with ANOT...


We took a group trip to Belgium for our first weekend. I am so glad that they organized a group trip for us because it was a great way to get used to independent travel and to g...



Maastricht amazes me with its quaint character and charm. This little town overflows with cute coffee shops and cobblestone streets. Our dorms are much n...


Let's start off by saying nope. It was NOT clear to us.

We made it Amsterdam and ate some good food and did some fun things during the day, but the only really important story ha...


Somehow we always save the most for last so today was packed!!!!!

First we went to the Musee d'Orsay. They had an exhibition on Cezanne so we were able to see LOTS of his work wh...


We went on top of the Eiffel Tower!!!!!!!

Today was yet another very full day. We took the metro to the Eiffel Tower to meet up with our tour guide, but of course we stopped for...


"Just add three letters to Paris, and you have paradise."- Jules Renard

We made it to Paris!!!!!!!! This city is everything I have ever dreamed of and more. Mom says I shouldn't...


Today we took a boat to a couple of little islands that are close to Venice!

First we went to Murano which is famous for glass making. We got to tour a glass making factory and t...


Today we said goodbye to Rome and took the train to Venice!

Y'all, I thought Rome was incredible but Venice is by far my favorite. Venice is exactly what I imagined Italy to be l...


Today was a FULL day. 

We started off with a tour of the Colosseum and it was so cool! We had the best tour guide and she was so fun to follow around. The tour also went to the R...

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Shout out to Carol!
Can't wait for Carol to join me for our adventures abroad!

48 Days in Europe!

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