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Today was a FULL day. 

We started off with a tour of the Colosseum and it was so cool! We had the best tour guide and she was so fun to follow around. The tour also went to the Roman Ruins which were also very cool (and hot). 

After our tours, we found a restaurant just down the street and guess what. It had wifi AND air conditioning!!!!! I repeat- wifi AND air conditioning!!!! It was called Benso and I recommend it to anyone an...


Oh, what a city!

Today we toured The Vatican which was beautiful! We were supposed to see St. Peter's Basilica also but it was closed because the Pope was there! So basically the Pope and I think alike???

It was a rainy day which made us glad that we spent the first half of the day inside. When the tour got out it was still raining so we made our way to a restaurant just down the street for lunch (Gnocchi- YUM). While we sat out...


We made it to Rome!

It's official, jet lag most definitely won this battle. We arrived tired and hungry and quickly looked for some breakfast near our hotel. We found a cute cafe that had "American Breakfast", so we stopped! I would like to note that "American Breakfast" is NOT like the breakfast we have in America, but I did get a coke so it was all okay. After that, we wondered around Rome and only got a little bit lost. As s...

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