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Today we had planned to hike for several hours, but when we woke up it was raining and cloudy:( We decided to have a bit of a lazy morning and took our time getting out of bed w...


We took an overnight train to Interlaken... and didn't sleep much. Once we arrived at 8 AM, we really wanted to just go straight to sleep in our hotel... but we knew we should t...


On our way to Switzerland, we had several hours to kill in Cologne!

This is seriously the cutest little town ever!!! It looked exactly as you would imagine a small German town to...


One of my friends, Natalie, hosted a German foreign exchange student back when she was younger. So we went to go visit her in Aachen, Germany which is only an hour bus ride from...


Our first day in London was an absolute dream. Somehow, everything worked out perfect!!

When we arrived in London, we checked in to our hostel and took an Uber into town! We had...


Wow. Dover is one of the most beautiful places I have EVER been.

Caroline and I took the chunnel under the English Channel- cool!!! And then took another train to Dover. We staye...


Today we decided to spend some time on the beach and it was one of our best decisions. The beach was beautiful and I think it might have been the only time of the entire trip th...


After some stressful travel, we were excited to finally be in Barcelona.

We decided to stay in a hostel which was definitely an experience. We booked an all female room and we we...


Wow! It was time for our first weekend trip where Caroline and I would be traveling more or less completely alone. We were very responsible about it, checking train schedules, c...


Okay okay okay... Enough will all those other cities and countries, let's talk about Maastricht!

Y'all it is beautiful. I have been to 5 countries in the past few weeks but my fa...

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Shout out to Carol!
Can't wait for Carol to join me for our adventures abroad!

48 Days in Europe!

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