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Switzerland Day 1 & 2


We took an overnight train to Interlaken... and didn't sleep much. Once we arrived at 8 AM, we really wanted to just go straight to sleep in our hotel... but we knew we should take advantage of our time in Switzerland! We walked around the town and then decided to go kayaking on the lake! It. was. beautiful. I have never seen a lake SO blue! These pictures don't even do it justice. Between the blue water and the beautiful mountains, I was absolutely blown away! (don't worry we took a nap after) 


On our second day in Interlaken, we tried to go to Harder Klum (a hike/view point) but we got on the wrong bus and ended up about 30 minutes outside of Interlaken:/ But we passed some caves so we got off the bus and went to tour them and they were so cool! The legend says that St. Beatus slayed a dragon outside of these caves and spread the word of Christ. The caves were also FREEZING!!!!!!!!! (This was the view from our accidental bus ride)


Later that day, some more friends came to Interlaken for the day and we went paragliding!!!!!!!! Okay, this is my absolute favorite thing I have ever done. I was very nervous at first but once I got in the air it was amazing! Some of you might be wondering what paragliding even is? Well let me tell you. So they drive us in a van wayyyyyyy up the mountain and then put us in harnesses. They dropped us off at a cliff/hill and then once you are all strapped in, your pilot tells you to run and then right before you think you might just tumble down the mountain, the parachute lifts you up and you start floating in the air! I never had the scary feeling like I was falling, just floating through the mountains. I think this might be the most beautiful view in the world. Definitely one of my favorites of God's creations!!! 


































We topped off the amazing day with some delicious swiss fondue- YUM!!!!!!!!!





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