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Our first day in London was an absolute dream. Somehow, everything worked out perfect!!


When we arrived in London, we checked in to our hostel and took an Uber into town! We had tea reservations at 6:00 but we wanted to try and get discount tickets to a show before we went. We didn't think we would have enough time but we made it! We got half priced tickets to see Annie- an hour before the show!! 


So we got our tickets and then rushed to Fortnum and Mason for tea! This little tea party was incredible. Everything was a tiffany blue with gold trim and it was gorgeous. They brought us each our own pot of tea and then lots of yummy scones, pastries, and finger sandwiches. My favorite was a scone with lemon curd- SO GOOD!!!!! We filled up on tea and scones and then left to go to the show!



































Annie was one of the best shows I have seen. I loved it!!! The dancing was so good and I loved watching the performers because it looked like they were having the time of their lives. 


The next day in London, Caroline and I got brunch together, walked through Kensington Gardens, and went to the National Gallery. My Dutch art professor asked me to go to the National Gallery while I was in London because they have lots of Netherlandish art. It was actually pretty cool to see so much of the art that we have talked about in class! I even gave Carol a short presentation on one of the pieces:) Then we went to Buckingham palace and waited for Haley to arrive!!!! Once Haley and her friend Chelsea arrived, we walked around London and saw Big Ben, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Parliament. It was cool to see all of the monuments but it was a bit of a bummer because it was cold and rainy.


















To get out of the rain, we stopped in the CUTEST coffee shop! They had a little journal that people had written in and left notes which I liked to read. My favorite note that someone wrote was "I've got little to say other than I am grateful to be here." I feel like that just really sums up my thoughts about this whole trip- just really grateful for this experience!





























Later that evening, we took a cruise down the river and then found a Mexican restaurant for dinner! My first tacos in over a month did not disappoint:)





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