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For the last day of our group trip, we traveled to Brussels, Belgium. 


We didn't get to spend much time here but we were able to get a taste of the city! We started off with ANOTHER walking tour of the city. Our tour guide was fun and entertaining and he constantly reminded us that Brussels is home to the "most beautiful city square in all of Europe". It really was quite beautiful! He also showed us the famous statue of the peeing boy. It was much smaller than I expected but still pretty funny!


My favorite part of Brussels was by far the lunch we ate. Okay don't judge me. I FINALLY had a cheeseburger and fries! We found a great American restaurant and after almost 3 weeks, my cheeseburger craving was satisfied. 


On the way home from Brussels, we stopped at the Tintin museum. Pretty much no one in our group was interested in the museum but we got a few funny photo booth pictures!





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