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Drumroll Please.....




Maastricht amazes me with its quaint character and charm. This little town overflows with cute coffee shops and cobblestone streets. Our dorms are much nicer than our dorms at Baylor (the showers are awesome!!!) but they are a far walk to class. But a mile and a half walk to class isn't too awful through a town like this! The city center is usually buzzing with people and lots of stores for shopping. My favorite store- PINKYS! Pinky's sells waffles and gelato and all things good in the world. I have had a chocolate waffle almost every day since we arrived (but it is okay cause I walk over a mile to get them... right?)





































The only real downside here is there is no air conditioning... at all. It has been pretty hot outside which is fairly unusual for The Netherlands. Caroline and I bought a fan which has helped a lot!


I haven't picked up on much Dutch yet but I am really good at asking "English please?" The locals are always kind and extremely good with English. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to understand their language better!


Things are going great in my new favorite city! More updates and pictures to come...






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