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Antwerp and Brugge


We took a group trip to Belgium for our first weekend. I am so glad that they organized a group trip for us because it was a great way to get used to independent travel and to get to know more people on the trip! There are only 17 Baylor students studying with me here so we have all gotten to know each other pretty well.





























Our first stop was Antwerp, Belgium. We did't stay here long, just long enough to go through a museum! We toured a printing museum for about an hour. I'm not sure any of us would tell you it was our favorite thing to do... but it was slightly interesting.


After Antwerp, we arrived in Brugge! Before this trip, I had never heard of Brugge before but now it is one of my favorite places I have been! They call it the "Venice of the North" which I totally understand. Just like Venice, Brugge is filled with winding canals and not a car in sight! We started our time here with a walking tour and oh man did we walk. Our tour guide was a sweet lady who grew up in Brugge and was absolutely passionate about it. As the tour finished, she led us to a chocolate shop!



We did a Belgian chocolate making workshop!!! This was honestly one of my favorite things we have done so far. Our chocolatier was very friendly and he went to school for 8 years in order to be qualified for this job! He showed us some of his chocolate creations (art) and taught us how to make simple chocolate pieces ourselves. Not to mention we got to eat lots of chocolate:)


























Later that evening, a few of us got dinner and waffles together! Tomorrow, we go to Brussels.






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