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"Is This Clear for you?"


Let's start off by saying nope. It was NOT clear to us.


We made it Amsterdam and ate some good food and did some fun things during the day, but the only really important story happened during dinner. Morgan suggested a yummy chicken place for dinner so that is where we went! (Shout out to Morgan, I miss you, ILY) We got to the restaurant and I started to read the menu when I realized that I don't know ANY dutch. In Italy and France this wasn't a huge issue because we at least knew SOME of the language. 


On the entire front of the menu, I could figure out three words- beer, wine, cocktails. So we assumed that the front must be drinks and the back must be the food! So we flipped over the menu and pulled out google translate. I started to translate the different menu items but they all came out very strange. For example, "Pet friendly", "Characteristics", "Antibiotics". We were all giggling at how poorly google translate must be doing! How silly that they would think these words are something other than food! We figured we would just have to point to one and hope for the best when it came time to order. Our waiter came over and realized we were English speakers and asked if the menu was "clear to us." Of course we asked for a brief explanation which is when he informed us that we were looking at the facts about the restaurant the whole time. He laughed at us, it was embarrassing, we all laughed at each other. 


We giggled about it all night long and honestly I still start laughing if I think about it. Our last night of vacation together was well spent! Tomorrow morning I will meet up with my study abroad group and say bye to Mom and Sis!






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