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Venice, Murano, and Burano... Oh My!


Today we took a boat to a couple of little islands that are close to Venice!


First we went to Murano which is famous for glass making. We got to tour a glass making factory and they even made a few glass things in front of us! Pictured below is the artist. He made a glass vase and a horse figurine. Watching him stretch, shape, and heat the glass was SO cool. After that we walked around the island and shopped a bit!


Next we took a boat to Burano! This little island is famous for lace and colorful little buildings. It was seriously beautiful. Each building is painted a different bright color! Burano is home to many fisherman, SO, the story is that long, long ago, the fisherman would paint their houses bright colors to make them easier to find when they got home late from fishing. Now, the government regulates what color you can paint your house and everything! We had so much fun wandering in the colorful streets and stopping in the different shops. We ate lunch here (my pasta is pictured, as always hehe) and it was delicious but SO spicy. Y'all I had no clue it was going to be that spicy but I was chugging water.
















































Later that day we caught a boat back to Venice! We walked what seemed like 8 miles to dinner (it was actually like .7). As we were eating outside, we saw lots of lightening and sped up our meal to try and beat the storm! I got crepes on the way home and we made it back to the hotel without the rain!































Today has been one of my absolute favorite days of the trip!







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