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Ciao Venice


Today we said goodbye to Rome and took the train to Venice!



Y'all, I thought Rome was incredible but Venice is by far my favorite. Venice is exactly what I imagined Italy to be like. There are beautiful, old buildings, and small canals filled with gondolas. 


When we first arrived, we just wandered around the cute city looking in different stores. We stumbled upon Doge's Palace in St. Marco Square and it was incredible. I have never seen a building so ornate! After the square, we went to the most beautiful bookstore. They had fun, creative ways to store their books and it was so fun to look around! They even had a staircase made of books that led to a beautiful view of a canal. Lots of their books were stored in gondolas and bathtubs so that when it floods, the books are still protected.





























For dinner, I had black truffle pasta- wow!!! Although dinner was very good, I think we all liked the food in Rome better. Once the sun began to set, we decided it was time for a gondola ride! We had the BEST gondolier named Elvis. He was so nice and entertaining and guess what!!! He let me drive the boat AND he did a "Sic 'em"!!!!!!!!!! Elvis is a third generation gondolier so he really knows what he is doing. The gondola ride was magical and everything I have ever dreamed of.































We really worked up an appetite from that boat ride- you know all the magic and stuff. So we went back to St. Marco Square for dessert! Mom and sister got gelato but I got crepes and oh boy, they were DELISH! Several bands were playing live music on the square and there was a nice lady dancing in front of one. So logically, sister and I joined her! We danced and clapped and had SO much fun.































I never want to leave- Venice is a dream!




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