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Rome Day 2


Oh, what a city!


Today we toured The Vatican which was beautiful! We were supposed to see St. Peter's Basilica also but it was closed because the Pope was there! So basically the Pope and I think alike???

It was a rainy day which made us glad that we spent the first half of the day inside. When the tour got out it was still raining so we made our way to a restaurant just down the street for lunch (Gnocchi- YUM). While we sat outside eating, J.K. Simmons walked inside! (If you don't know who that is, look him up and you will recognize him). We didn't get a picture with him but it was cool to see someone famous!

After the rain had stopped, we walked a little further to a shopping area! There were lots of cute stores and boutiques and it was a much less touristy area which I liked. I saw one ADORABLE dress in a window so I went to try it on! I came out of the dressing room to show my mom and sister but a little italian woman stepped in front of me and said "It's SO you!" So of course I needed to buy it. 


























Later that night, we ate dinner near the Trevi Fountain and went to the Spanish Steps for sunset. The Pantheon was also gorgeous and there was even some live music. 


























Rome day 3 is up next!





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